Saturday, April 7, 2007

About Gardening Seeds

Gardening Seeds is another gardening blog by MrBrownThumb. I'll be using this blog to post pictures of seeds to help new and old gardeners identify seeds by uploading photos of seeds and sometimes seed pods, bulbs, tubers and corms that you may find in the garden.

If you've ever wondered what seeds look like or where to find the seeds on your plants I hope this blog will be of help. I'll attempt to label the seeds I photograph under the classifications of Annual, Perennial and Tropical to make it easy to find the seeds you're looking for. You can always use the search box located on this blog and type in the name you're looking for to save time.

Feel free to bookmark this blog or link to it or if you'd like to donate seeds to be photographed and labeled you can contact me through my Blogger profile. In exchange for providing seeds I can give you credit in the form of a link to your blog in the entry or pay for postage.

All photos are mine and cannot be used for commercial purposes. If you'd like to use them for personal use you can feel free to link to the entry for it on this blog or contact me.

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