Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Allium Purple Sensation Seeds

Last fall I planted Allium Purple Sensation bulbs I purchased at a local garden center in Chicago. Really pleased with the blooms I decided to save seeds from these bulbs and attempt to propagate them myself.

Allium Purple Sensation seeds need to undergo stratification so I will plant them in the fall where I want them to grow in the garden and let nature do the work. I should note that I've read that Allium Purple Sensation will not grow true from seeds. That means that the plants that are produced will not resemble the plants I collected seeds from 100%. The color won't be as bright or as nice but the way I look at it they're free plants so I can't complain.

If you're interested you can visit my MrBrownThumb blog and use the search box on the right hand side to see the images of Allium Purple Sensation growing in my garden.

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