Saturday, April 7, 2007

Castor Bean Seed

About a year a go I got a number of seeds in a trade with another gardener that I didn't sow. Among them were Castor seeds. I really like the exotic markings of these seeds and even though I'll probably never sow it I keep them around for the photogenic quality.

"The Castor Bean is a shrub-like herb with large, long-stemmed leaves that are lobed like fingers. Its spiny, clustered seed pods contain white, bean-like seeds (Botanically speaking, it isn't a true bean, but a Spurge), which typically bear attractive markings in various colours. The plant is native to tropical Africa, but it is grown commercially in California and has become naturalized throughout the southern United States. In Nova Scotia, it is often cultivated, in the warmer months, as an ornamental annual in gardens, providing local gardeners with a castor of thousands.... " Source: Castor Bean

If you're looking for information on germinating these seeds and growing this plant search Google For Gardeners.

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