Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tobacco Seeds

Nicotiana tabacum seeds, Tabacco SeedsNicotiana tabacum better known as Tobacco is a herbaceous perennial but treated like in annual in Chicago. Nicotiana tabacum can only be found in cultivation where it grows between one and two feet tall and is thought to be a hybrid of N. sylvestris, N. tomentosiformis, and possibly N. otophora. As you probably already know if you're reading this blog entry this plant is widely grown for the leaves that are processed into tobacco. You can find other Nicotiana varities in garden centers sold as annuals and the seed saving is basically the same although the N. tabacum plants produce the largest seeds pods that I've seen. Nicotiana seeds are small and brown and before the seed pod dries completely you may find that they become attached to the sticky seed pod. Nicotiana seeds are surface sown, scatter the seeds on the surface of the soil or growing medium in the spring and summer.

How to Save Nicotiana Seeds

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Urban Tobacco said...

What a lovely seed pod!
This is my Nicotiana Tabacum. I sell and trade tobacco seed. Send me a note if you like.

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