Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Nodding Onion/Allium Seeds

Nodding Allium Seeds, Seed Identification, Urban GardeningI planted Allium cernuum better known as Nodding Onion or Nodding Allium in my garden last year. The flowers don't last long but they are easily pollinated by bees and produce a good number of seeds. Seed saving with Nodding Onion is pretty easy even though the seed pods are relatively small they hold the seeds in even after they have split.

The seeds for this Allium are small, hard and black. While removing the seed heads or removing the seeds from their pods you'll encounter a pungent smell. To save these seeds place them on a paper surface and spread them out to dry to avoid mold developing on your seeds. These seeds need to undergo stratification in order for them to bloom.

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