Saturday, September 8, 2007

Cypress Vine Seeds

Cypress Vine Seeds, Annual Seeds, Seed Identification, Cardinal Climber seedCypress Vine is one of my favorite climbing annual flowers. They're easy to collect seeds from and start from seed and grow quickly to cover a trellis, arbor or fence in the garden. On my other gardening blog I wrote an entry on when I Collect Cypress Vine Seeds that you should read if you're looking for information on when the seed pods are ready to collect seeds from.

Ripe Cypress Vine seeds are on the small side but the seeds when ripe are a black color, lighter colored seeds may still germinate so don't discard them based on color. In warmer zones Cypress Vine may readily reseed and I've had it reseed here in my Zone 5 garden. If you're going to sow these seeds they benefit from being scarified and soaked in warm water for 24 hours prior to sowing to aid the germination rates.

What's the difference between Cypress Vine and Cardinal Climber? See the post on Cardinal Climber vine. In the past I've grown a pink and white blooming Cypress Vine.

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Weeping Sore said...

I just ordered some seeds for a white flowered climbing cypress vine. The picture caught my eye in Pinetree Garden Seeds catalog. This is a new company (for me) but theirs was the first catalog in my mail. I like that you promote Seed Savers Exchange. That's the place I go for veggie seeds. Thanks for the tips on collecting seeds.

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